GF Construction is comprised of a team of professional and experienced architects, always ready to design projects of any type and of any scale. If your project is either residential, commercial or industrial, we guarantee that our team will provide you a complete architectural service that will put you many steps closer to the realization of your project.
At GF Construction, we use the latest technologies and softwares in the field, which not onlyhelp us create a better design, but also give us the ability to provide you with services that will leave you ready, confident and excited to proceed with your project. Services that you may not find in other firms.
We believe that in order to provide you with the project that you envision, your input as the client is our most valuable asset. This is why our architects are dedicated to work with you and immerse you in the project since the early stages of the design process. You will have the opportunity to suggest, ask questions, explore options and have a realistic visualization and walkthrough of your final project.

What we offer:

  • Site studies
  • Architectural studies and drawings
  • Structural studies and drawings
  • Perspective renderings
  • VR walkthrough