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GF Construction has over 50 years of experience in the construction industry. Our experienced team of engineers, contractors and project managers will guide you to keep your project well built, on time and within budget.
At GFC, high-quality construction is our main philosophy. We strive for the most structurally sound and efficient system, and aim for clean and pristine finishes in a project. Our quality is apparent in the knowledge we bring, the construction methods we practice, the equipments we operate and the quality of the materials we use.
We are experts in concrete, as we can provide you with one of the strongest and cleanest concrete structures. Our experience with concrete ranges from high quality polished flooring to high-rise structure reinforcements. We have in house equipments making us fast, efficient and able to handle challenges and provide you with a guaranteed, lab-tested, high quality concrete.
We are also masters in metal structures. Today, GF Construction proudly represents Star Building Systems from Oklahoma City USA, listed among the top five, best pre-engineered building companies in North America. As such, we have built an extensive amount of industrial projects ranging from industrial warehouses to car dealerships, commercial buildings, office spaces, multi-story structures and much more. Projects that have made us win many Star awards.
Through years of research and long-standing relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and workers we are able to provide a wide variety of construction systems. From concrete pouring to wood and steel framing. We work with other industries and professionals in the field to provide the client with the most top notch construction. We know experts in steel/wood frame systems, (Alliance, Fernando, Christopher other wood and metal workers, dry wall).
In addition to high construction standards, customer service is one of our utmost priority. We believe that a good relationship with our client is what makes a project successful, where both parties are proud and satisfied. This is why the GFC team is always ready to assist you with your questions and concerns and will always try to provide solutions that benefit you, the client. We keep a good and open communication with our clients and include them in all the phases of the construction process.