Our design and construction experience stretches from beautiful custom residential homes to large commercial projects like banks, hotels, retail stores, show rooms, office spaces, gas stations and more.

Our services can also be tailored to your specific needs, from only conceiving and designing a project to simply executing construction from existing plans. We can also provide you with a pre-engineered building and assist your architect through the civil engineering work and erection process.


We understand construction projects take a lot of consideration, time and finances. As a result, we take all aspects of the project into consideration. We strive to guide our clients in building high-quality projects with high residual values. Architectural planning, material selections, system configurations, etc. are carefully considered to insure we are providing the best product or service at the best price.

Through years of research and long-standing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers we are able to provide durable products. We offer one year warranty on all our projects and will always stand by our work. We are ready to provide you the best experience today and for years to come as you enjoy your new space.


GF Construction is comprised of a team of professional and experienced architects, always ready to design projects of any type and of any scale. If your project is either residential, commercial or industrial, we guarantee that our team will provide you a complete architectural service that will put you many steps closer to the realization of your project.



  • Site studies
  • Architectural studies and drawings
  • Structural studies and drawings
  • Perspective renderings
  • VR walkthrough


At GFC, high-quality construction is our main philosophy. We strive for the most structurally sound and efficient system, and aim for clean and pristine finishes in a project. Our quality is apparent in the knowledge we bring, the construction methods we practice, the equipments we operate and the quality of the materials we use.



GF Construction is also known for doing small scale projects such as renovations. At GFC we know that the scale of a project never defines the complexity. With our experienced team in construction and design, we are able to study the existing systems operating within your home (structural, electrical and plumbing) and find ways to enhance or make additions without damaging the existing.



GF Construction is the first and only Haitian company to branch a waterproofing division dedicated to waterproofing concrete slabs and metal panel roofs by taking upon representation of TOPPS/PACE Products International from Kansas City, Missouri USA. The later is reputed for manufacturing the best cold applied solvent based membrane in the world and the POLYPRENE solvent based rubberized cement sealant.



At GF Construction our experienced team of professionals will guide you to keep your project on time and within budget. We are able to value engineer plans, while providing the highest quality materials, by passing on our industry discounts to our clients. These savings average 20% below retail costs.

Our superior project management team can handle all aspects of your project from initial planning and permitting through management of white-glove delivery and installations of fixtures and furnishings. Our staff and tradespeople are the best in the business with decades of proven results and whose work is displayed in the highest quality construction projects in Florida. Let us help you get your project completed today.